Division trail

We went outside this week to practise the bus stop method for division around a trail on the playground. We were very enthusiastic to solve all of the calculations and complete the trail.


Active maths

We did a multiplication trail to practise using the column method to multiply two digit numbers. We had to carefully calculate the answer to the question then find the answer around the playground in order to find the next question. We really enjoyed this maths and were much quicker calculating! Win win!

Active maths

Year 4 enjoyed an active maths session outside this week. They had to solve multiplication questions hidden on the outside equipment and find the answer. All of the answers followed on from one another. Much fun was had by all.

Teaching new skills

As part of PSHE we have been teaching a partner a new skill. These have been varied including learning to play some notes on an instrument, play a game or speak some words of a new language. Much fun was had by all.

Changing pitch

We investigated what happens to sound waves when the pitch of a sound changes. We discovered that the larger instruments make a lower sound and the smaller the instrument the more high pitch the sound.

World History

Our timelines show some major events in history and the order in which they occurred. We chose how to present our timelines; straight lines, zig-zags or a wavy design.

Say What?

In Science, we are investigating how sound is made. We completed a carousel of activities to help us understand. It was a very noisy afternoon but we can now explain that sound is made from vibrations that move air particles in a wave to our ears.

Queens of the catapults

As part of DT we created catapults which we designed, tested, tweaked then used in a catapulting competition. Teams of 3 had to knock down the “wall” in a test of distance and strength.

The winning team were the Maid Marions! They successfully knocked down 17 pieces of the wall!