Egyptian workshop

We had a great time with our visit from the Egyptian workshop. We tried writing our names in hieroglyphics using reeds and ink, found out how they moved heavy stones, tried our hands at mummifying each other and handled artefacts.


Canopic jars

We enjoyed learning about the organs which the ancient Egyptians preserved before mummifying a body. We made a class set of canopic jars with jelly, sponge, spaghetti and balloons to represent the organs then we made our own cardboard jars and learnt about the god’s head on top of the jar.

Looking closely at animal teeth

We have been using our knowledge of the different types of teeth to work out which skull belonged to which animal. We have also used our knowledge about teeth to identify if animals are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. We also watched some interesting film clips of animals catching prey and eating.

Canopic Jars

We learnt about how the Egyptians preserved the organs ,that they thought were important, in canopic jars. We made our own with the god’s heads and the organ they protected.

Types of teeth

In order to identify the different types of teeth we made a class set out of clay. We know that incisors are flat to cut and slice, canines are pointy to rip and tear and molars chew and grind food.

Mummifying Tomatoes

We cleared out the brains (the inside of the tomato) then filled it with natron. The tomatoes were then left for three weeks. We finally opened them back up to discover they had completely dried out but they had not rotted.